Sample Chores

Ages 13 and Up

Any of the previous chores plus:

Change light bulbs

Replace vacuum cleaner bags

Wash inside and outside of windows

Clearn out refrigerator

Clean stove and oven

Prepare a meal

Make grovery lists

Do all laundry functions

Mow the lawn

Sample Chores

Ages 4 -7

Clear Dishes from the table

Set the table

Retrieve the mail

Dust the furniture

Help in the kitchen

Help carry and put away groceries




Volunteer to hold a Chores-4-Charity campaign and make the difference in the lives of thousands.
Hi:  My name is Madison and I'm writing to ask you to start a Chores-4-Charity Campaign.  I've done it and have raised thousands of dollars for my favorite charities!  You can do it, too.
The concept is simple:  You pick a Children's Charity or Charities that will benefit from your drive.  You can start a drive at school or with your sports team or even with your brothers and sisters.  If you want, you can even do it alone.  Everyone who participates will pledge to do a chore for their parents, grandparents, other relative, friend or neighbor in exchange for a donation to a children's charity.  They will decide with their sponsor what the chore is worth.  Once the campaign is completed, you will send all of your chore "earnings" to the designated charity.


Sample Chores

Ages 8-12

Any of the above plus:

Take care of pets

Cook simple foods

Help wash the car

Vacuum, sweep and mop

Clean the bathroom completely

Use the washer and dryer

Hang and fold laundry

Take out the Trash

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard.  devote the time and energy necessary to raise the funds to educate, advocate and feed.


recent programs
Our last drive raised $2000 for the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation.

Let’s put

an end to povertyworld-wide!

our founder,  madison moore